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TECHNIX - Một trong các công ty hàng đầu của Italy sản xuất máy X-quang di động, máy C-arm, bàn đa năng di động.

Hiệu quả của máy C-arm, x-quang di động, bàn đã năng đã được chứng minh tại Bệnh Viện Bắc Thăng Long, Bệnh viện Lao Phổi Gia Lai và một số đơn vị khác. 

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The TMS mobile radiographic units family covers, in the variety of its models, all the specific needs of the radiographic examination at the patient’s bed, when he can’t reach the department of Radiology, from his bed in the Intensive Care Dept., from the Plaster Room, from the ER, from the Paediatrics Dept. or from the Operating Theatre, in the post-operative phase.

The three versions offer each one a different level of radiographic power (TMS5- 3,3kW / TMS150-15kW / TMS300-30kW), by keeping anyway, all of them, an absorption of energy from the mains, always within the limits of a standard mains plug. This mobile radiographic device achieves very short exposure times and, consequently, radiographic images non affected by problems of loss of resolution caused by the patient’s movement, even for examinations needing a very high level of dose. A microprocessor controls the operations and manages the all parameters for a correct exposure and for the fast detection and signalling of eventual malfunctions. In addition the achieved constant linearity and high reproducibility assure the keeping of the given dose within a minimum level.

The APR system allows a simple and quick use of the unit, by the possible storage of the most used exposure parameters.

A homogeneous distribution of the weight and a very low centre of gravity, permit, together with a noticeable stability, a very easy manoeuvring. The wheels, made of a special density material, allow a frictionless rolling on every kind of surface in the operating environment. The wide balancing stand’s arm, gives the possibility of an easy setting of the Focus-Film-Distance, in every diagnostic situation. An adequate multi-leaf collimator, suited with a special tilting mirror, allows the precise centring of the X-ray beam, prior to the radiographic exposure. A retractable tape meter, located into the collimator’s housing, allows a fast and easy readings of the set FFD. A wide compartment gives the possibility to accommodate comfortably up to 4 radiographic cassettes.